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The Peaceful Power™ Program For Women – Talk Therapy or Hypnoanalysis/Hypnotherapy

Would you like to experience more of your own personal power? To communicate more clearly and set boundaries in a more satisfying way? Do you wish you could stop being “run over” in relationships? See the dynamics of your relationships more clearly, relieve the tension within yourself and those relationships. Alleviate that knot in your stomach and sweep out those eggshells on which you have been walking.

Communicating directly, when done well, can give you ease and freedom in relationships without feeling guilty, conflicted, distracted or weighed down. Self-advocating in a clear manner, in any number of different situations can be positively liberating. Many people receive mandates to be less than powerful in their communication. These mandates can be hidden and some can be painfully obvious.

Through the Peaceful Power™ Program you undergo Hypnoanalysis Therapy, Talk Therapy/Traditional Counseling, and Communication Coaching. During this process, you can discover:

  • The hidden barriers and mandates against direct communication that are secretly running your interactions. These barriers are then healed and your beautiful true voice comes forward.
  • Methods of communicating and boundary setting that are satisfying and peaceful.
  • A deeper emotional connection to your own true self.
  • More peace and ease in your life, clarity in your relationships, freedom from overthinking and ruminating.
  • Increased confidence in your ability to communicate what you want, when you want to.

Communicating directly, self- advocating and setting boundaries well can create astonishing ease and peace for not only you, but for your family, friends and partner.

I look forward to sharing more with you about this fascinating and liberating  Hypnoanalysis Therapy, Traditional Counseling/Talk Therapy, and Communication Coaching program. Please see my contact information below to reach my office in Madison for your free phone consultation.

“The most common reason
people give up their power
is they think they don’t have any”

~Alice Waters

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