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Thank you for taking a moment to review my information. I am privileged to be able to help people remember, or discover for the first time, that they are worthy and capable of peace, confidence, balance, strength and happiness. I am fortunate to have learned the tools to help them to “get there” either through effective, nurturing, psychotherapy, or the more directed, faster Psychotherapeutic Hypnosis. My clients develop self – reference skills to take with them when they end therapy. These skills serve to carry a person through life with core strength and an even certainty.

I discovered Psychotherapeutic Hypnosis as a result of my own quest. For decades, I was affected by what I thought was Chronic Fatigue Sydrome. As a woman who simply had to get things done, earn a living, fulfill her role in her family, grocery shop, take the car in,”and, and, and,” I had to find help. Thanks to local educational resources, I found it. I took two weeks off of my life in search of healing and I found it. My mind was blown, my life was blown wide open in the best way and the fatigue ended. I now practice this method and I enjoy seeing what it does for people, every day.

Experience And Education

Experienced Working With:

  • University students
  • Youths in crisis
  • Groups and individuals
  • A wide range of clientele, experiencing a full spectrum of life challenges

I earned my Bachelors in Science in Social Work from Loyola University Chicago in 1996 and a Masters in Science in Social Work from The University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2010.

I also received advanced, specialized training during a two year Hypnoanalysis residency in 2012, learning all facets of this highly effective, expedient Psychotherapeutic Hypnosis modality.

Professional Associations And License Information

  • National Association of Social Workers
  • National Alliance on Mental Illness
  • American Society of Clinical Hypnosis
  • I am licensed (LCSW) in the State of Wisconsin under  #7964-123
  • Also licensed in the State of Illinois under 149.019008

Madison Counseling Solutions is located in beautiful and friendly Madison, Wisconsin.

Nina Pernecke, LCSW, Psychotherapist

Madison, Wisconsin

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