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Brainspotting Madison WI –Brainspotting is a focused therapy that identifies, processes, and releases core neuro-physiological origins of physical and emotional pain, and unhealthy coping mechanisms associated with trauma. It allows the client to access the helpful knowledge they possess to transform debilitating memories and the related belief they experience in relation to the incident.

Brainspotting activates deep processing, integrating, and healing activity within the brain. This appears to take place deeply within the emotional centers at a reflexive level. It typically results in a de-conditioning of maladaptive physical, emotional and psychological responses and patterns. It appears to stimulate the body’s capacity to heal from trauma.

Since the traumatized individual does not typically have the opportunity to process traumatic events, the traumatic experience then becomes a part of that individual’s trauma load. The person cannot remain unaffected by the costs extracted by this accumulated trauma. Most requests for medical care are linked to this accumulation of stress or trauma upon the systems of the human body (Grand, 2011). It is theorized that this rapid therapy accesses the body’s innate ability to process and release trauma which is stored in primitive survival areas of the brain. This may also explain the ability of Brainspotting to often reduce and sometimes eliminate the struggle and pain associated with physical/medical conditions. The method dismantles the symptom, the somatic distress, the underlying trauma, and the dysfunctional beliefs at the core (Schwarz, 2012).

Brainspotting is also very effective in accessing and developing internal resourcing. These resources allow the therapist and client to toggle between positive states and trauma states to allow for more gradual processing and desensitization of traumatic and emotionally charged issues (Schwarz, 2012).

 I am trained in Levels 1 and 2 Brainspotting

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Brainspotting Madison WI

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